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    Nissan’s new UV-absorbing Starpath paintjob makes the Leaf EV glow in the dark

    nissan-leaf-1If you’ve been under the impression that the Nissan Leaf is a serious head-turner, get a hold of this. The Japanese automaker has decided to give one of its electric vehicles a cool skin to grab attention after-hours. Nissan has painted one special Leaf with UV-absorbing automotive paint, which makes the car glow in the dark! The paintjob, called the Starpath, gives out a subtle glow when driven outdoors in the darkness.

    Posted in Transport on February 19, 2015
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    London’s new black electric taxis with zero emission ready to hit the roads

    metrocab-2After approving the superhighway for cyclists, London is taking a step further in being an eco-friendly city. A new electric black taxi could well replace the common diesel fuelled taxi on London streets very soon. The black taxis will be zero emission and they will emit 75% less carbon dioxide than the ordinary London Taxi. The electric cab called as the Metrocab was being test driven for a year, and now it has finally got license to run on London streets. The Metrocab looks gorgeous from outside because of its long chassis and panoramic glass roof. It has a seating capacity for seven people, the insides have a USB charging socket, and colour TV displays. The car is also fitted with a digital infotainment system, hands free phone, air con, and air suspension.

    Posted in Transport on February 18, 2015
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    Say hello to UK’s first driverless car, Lutz Pathfinder pod

    lutz-pod-2If you are in UK, returning home after a night out drinking with friends will not be a problem anymore. No hassles fading a taxi, Lutz pathfinder, UK’s first driverless car will drop you home safely. Lutz Pathfinder commonly called as Lutz Pod is being tested on UK roads currently so that the Government can make any required changes to the Highway Code to allow them to be used by public. Little autonomous Lutz Pod will be gallivanting the streets of Milton Keynes and Coventry for a few days. The self-driving car has been primarily designed for working on pavements and pedestrian friendly zones. Lutz Pod looks small but it has enough space for two people and a small luggage. Talking about power, it can travel up to 40 miles and attain a top speed of 15 mph. It can run for eight hours when fully charged.

    Posted in Transport on February 13, 2015
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    Leaos Solar Electric Bike is a superb mixture of elegance and functionality

    leaos-solar-e-bike-1Leaos solar electric bike is a black beauty; it looks gorgeous from every angle. But, it does not have only the looks, but great on functionality too. It can go up to 2.5 hours on a single charge! ya, you read right, and it can attain speeds of up to 45 km/h on a battery driven plug in power. Leaos has a set of fully integrated solar panels placed very aesthetically which provide the bike the power for running up to 30 kilometres in a single day. When the bike is low on battery, it can recharge itself by making a connection with conventional sources. Leaos is designed and handmade in Italy, what makes it lightweight, unique and pretty is the usage of carbon fibre in making the body unlike using the more conventional tubes.

    Posted in Transport on January 29, 2015
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    BEHA, the world’s first true hybrid aircraft

    bio-electric-hybrid-aircraft-0Aircraft today are known energy-suckers, drinking up thousands of gallons of fuel on a daily basis, which makes them an eco-threatening necessity. Given the fact that air travel is the best way to go, there is no real way to compromise on the way aircraft are powered today. However, things are set to change in the near future. The Faradair BEHA (Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft), the world’s first true hybrid aircraft, could very well change the aviation industry for good.

    Posted in Transport on December 1, 2014
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    Poop=powered Bio-Bus now ferries passengers between Bristol Airport and Bath

    bio-bus-1Pooping isn’t something that’s going to save the world. That’s not what the Bio-Bus developers think however. These folks have developed a bus that powers up using human poop! With 40 seats in all, this one can go 186 miles on one tank of biomethane gas, generated from treating human sewage and food waste at Bristol sewage in Avonmout. The gas is pumped through a combustion engine which helps the bus get around.

    Posted in Transport on November 24, 2014
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    BMW’s ‘Light and Charge’ systems light up streets and charge EVs

    bmw-chargngStreetlights are built for one purpose, to light up streets. Quite often, the potential of a streetlight isn’t completely looked at, making these infrastructural objects amount to nothing more than a public lighting source. BMW looks at it all differently though. The German automaker has unveiled a streetlight that doubles up as an EV charging station. Aptly christened the “Light and Charge” system, these units integrate a conventional streetlight with the ChargeNow stations.

    Posted in Transport on November 13, 2014
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    Ford draws up plans to go electric and beat Tesla at its game

    ford-electric-carIt seems like everyone’s taken a sudden interest in giving Tesla a run for its money. Very recently, American carmaker Ford announced its intention to develop a car that’s fit enough to rival the Tesla Model S. The company plans to develop a car with a range of 265 miles that’ll give folks around the world the opportunity to stick to the Ford brand, without simultaneously choking the environment with exhaust fumes.

    Posted in Transport on October 31, 2014
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    German auto manufacturers are now looking forward to build cars like Tesla’s Model S!

    porsche-panameraAfter the tremendous success of Tesla’s Model S electric car, nearly every big manufacturer around has begun day dreaming about developing a car along similar lines. Now while Tesla did manage to break through every barrier and develop a car that’ll go down in history as the first of its kind that was truly road-worth and practical, companies like Porsche and Mercedes too have begun drawing up plans for similar electric cars. The Germans are promising electric cars with ranges touching 250 miles!

    Posted in Transport on October 31, 2014
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    Eco-friendly Transfercar service offers free rental car rides

    transfercarOne of the biggest hurdles car rental companies face these days is bringing their cars back home. Rental cars aren’t always dropped off at places of a company’s choosing and these services then need to have their rides transferred home when used. Instead, the Transfercar service now enables car relocation services in a less-expensive and more practical way! The service offers free rental cars from one location to another, in turn helping rental car companies transfer vehicles!

    Posted in Transport on October 18, 2014
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