• Singaporean scientists develop eco-friendly waste-separating toilet that helps generate energy

  • Toilets have never amounted to more than places to answer nature’s beckoning before. However, a bunch of scientists thought differently, and have come up with a super eco-friendly toile t that not only uses 90% less water than the conventional but also generates energy! Developed by the brains at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, the No-Mix Vacuum Toilet separates solid and liquid waste and uses vacuum to flush it all along with 1 or 0.2 liters of water for solid and liquid waste respectively. Once separated and flushed away, the liquid waste can then be used to source ingredients for fertilizers including nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus while the solid waste can be used to harvest methane which in turn can be used to generate power!


    Posted in Topics:Biofuels, Tags: , on July 2, 2012