• Police in Phillipines using McDonald’s cooking oil to tank up

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    After frying cutlets and fries oil from McDonald’s in Philippines is used by the Makati Police Department in Manila to run their cars. Currently under evaluation but if the six month study is a a success, then 60 percent diesel and 40 percent McDonald’s cooking oil could become the standard fuel used by the Makati Police force. According to the Manila Times, the PNP-Bio Diesel Program will save the police department $22 each time the fill-up as compared to current gas-prices. That equivalent to more than $11,000 a year when spread across 10 police cars.

    Getting cooking oil would not be a problem as the city has thousands of restaurants but McDonald’s was the first and largest doner and even sent a representative to the press conference to kick off the project.

    Posted in Topics:Biofuels, Tags: , on July 31, 2008