• The Selfie Plant project hooks plants onto smartphones

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    There, there now! Didn’t we warn you all about how addictive selfies could be? It seems to have caught up to plants as well. The Selfie Plant project from The Secret Life of Objects at the Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design seems to have its noble mission underway. Students Shruti RNR, Haoyu Li and Manu Dixit studies selfie culture in the modern world and tests how plants would react to such a culture. A number of factors lead to the trigger of a selfie such as the mood of the plant, an occasion or even change in the weather. With the help of Arduino Yu, the plant snaps itself from the angle it believes to be the finest and then shares it on social media with the help of python script.

    The team ponders, “What if nature gets addicted to this selfie culture and expresses itself. If it could record moments like blooming of a flower or a new leaf, and then share these moments on the social network. What if this expression could draw people’s attention and invite participation. How would people react if a normal plant starts to interact with their social lives?” Each plant has its own profile page on Facebook. The understudy plant is named Plantie Plant and hey, it’s currently in a complicated relationship with a human being, if its social media status is anything to go by.

    [Via – Psfk]

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