• The astonishing facts of carbon footprints stamped out by mobile phone usage

  • Mobile Phone.jpgWhat would life be without our cell phones? A whole lot better, it’d be a one with a lighter carbon footprint at least. Now you maybe wondering just how much damage could that little phone of yours do to our environment. You’ve probably forgotten the huge energy sucking networks they use to spread your word around. Here’s just how much of a carbon footprint your mobile phone leaves behind. If you’ve been using your phone for around 2 minutes a day, a year’s Co2e weighs 42kgs! 1250kgs if you use your phone for an hour everyday and 123 million tons globally every year.

    For the one’s who prefer chattering away for hours on a mobile phone, the total adds up to more than 1 ton CO2e per year, that’s the same as flying from London to New York in economy class, one way. Manufacturing a single mobile phone alone is responsible for 16kg Co2e. this may seem little, but then again, you probably haven’t considered the number of mobile phones being used globally.

    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: , on June 14, 2010