• Panasonic develops most efficient solar panel ever, converts 22.5% sunlight

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    While the Teslas of the world are putting their best resources and brains forward to truly create a world with renewable energy, Panasonic has surprised many. The company has announced that their upcoming solar panels will be a lot more efficient. Their upcoming solar-power harnesser will offer an efficiency rating of 22.5 percent. The previous best was a record held by SolarCity, who have been ousted by 1.4 percent. While SolarCity’s 22.1 percent of sunlight converting technology seems to be coming our way by next year, we hope that Panasonic’s offering isn’t too far in the distant future.

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    A report states that this record-breaking offering by Panasonic should be reaching us by March next year. This move shows that there is indeed a healthy competition in the sustainable energy space. While prices of solar solutions have dropped substantially, a focus on efficiency could do this planet and its people a world of good.

    [ Via : Inhabitat ]

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