• Oil minister from Middle East speaks out against alternative renewable energies

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    While the rest of the globe is gearing up with zest to combat the rising gasoline prices along with the carbon footprints that such fossil fuels leave behind, some people in the Middle East are feeling the heat of the green wave. The one person who is not pleased with the growth of renewable fuels is Saudi Arabia Oil Minister Ali Naimi. He is more concerned about the money raked in by the oil business than the welfare of our planet and its residents. At the Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) annual conference in Houston, this anti-green minister dared to show his displeasure by quoting, “We must be mindful that efforts to rapidly promote alternatives could have a ‘chilling effect’ on investment in the oil sector.” He added on by saying that, “A nightmare scenario would be created if alternative energy supplies fail to meet overly optimistic expectations, while traditional energy suppliers scale back investment.” Since green leaders like Obama have committed to renewable energy projects, it is time for the oil-rich countries to show signs of distress.