• H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Collection creates new, super soft Bionic Yarn from discarded plastic

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    Despite the fact that sustainability isn’t restricted to fabrics and needs to be incorporated into production practices and waste reduction (while also weighing the human impact) as well, it is also true that recycled materials can make a huge, meaningful difference in the world of fashion apparel.

    After H&M’s long struggle with the almost pedestrian, so-called ‘ecological’ slur of recycled eco-friendly apparel, the brand’s Conscious Exclusive Collection is now trying to turn things around by attempting to create smarter, greener clothing. While last year’s line-up was a tribute to historical fashion, the spotlight this time has shifted to Bionic Yarn – a special unique material cofounded by Tyson Toussant and made from plastic recovered from shorelines and waterways.
    What makes Bionic Yarn so special is that unlike other plastic-based fabrics, it is extremely soft and can be seamlessly tailored to almost any kind of clothing, be it dresses, pants, even jeans. Validating this is the chief piece in H&M’s new Conscious Exclusive Collection – a long pleated blush-hued gown with twirling ruffles and a ballooned skirt. Model Natalia Vodianova, also a philanthropist, wore H&M’s show stopper Bionic outfit. This gown also earns the title of the first eveningwear piece ever created with Bionic Yarn, and can proudly be worn to any fancy, high-profile event.

    H&M’s creative advisor Ann-Sofie Johansson says it is tough to believe that the raw material for this delicate and detailed stunning Bionic dress is actually old plastic bottles. She commented, “With the Conscious Exclusive Collections, we always try to find a new fabric or new technique. It’s where we try to push the boundaries of what’s possible with sustainable fabrics and show how beautiful the garments can be.”
    Johansson foresees a sure-fire potential for widespread use of Bionic Yarn in future collections. She thinks that the Conscious Collections exemplify that H&M can come up with innovative (and green) materials that can be scaled and blended into the brand’s normal collections.
    Considering that on April 20, 2017, the full collection is scheduled to officially hit stores, a whole lot of buzz could be expected around Bionic in the forthcoming months.


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