• Gallant human comes to the rescue of parched wild animals in Tsavo West National Park

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    Tsavo, an extremely dry region in Kenya, faces severe water scarcity due to sparse rain. The large variety of wild animals living in the Tsavo West National Park are facing the music too – elephants, antelopes and many more. Apart from just realizing their plight, someone actually doing something about it is the very concerned Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua. Seeing how the extreme drought conditions of Kenya leave the animals without any water, a compassionate Mwalua has vowed never to let the animals go thirsty and therefore drives long distances every day in a big water delivery truck to fill up the empty waterholes.

    Not surprisingly, the animals and Mwalua have formed a very special bond as the former understands what a valiant and selfless act the man is doing for their wellbeing. Cher Calloway, Mwalua’s friend, is supporting Mwalua’s cause by helping raise funds via GoFundMe to assist in paying for the water, fuel and all the other assiduous work involved in ensuring that these wild animals survive.

    It is commendable what Mwalua is doing for these animals, considering he is not only unemployed, but also suffers from kidney failure himself.


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