• An eco-friendly way of storing foodstuff without refrigerators

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    Do we really know how you store our fruits and vegetables? Yes putting them in the fridge was always an easy solution, but is not always a wise one, in the case of a few eatables. Jihyun Ryou lists out a few ways to smartly preserve fruits and vegetables to keep them healthy for longer. Basically she suggests placing some foods on a ‘knowledge shelf’ outside the fridge. The ethylene gas produced by apples keeps potatoes from sprouting. And by removing the apples from other produce, the other fruits and vegetables do not over-ripen quickly.

    She says that storing root vegetable vertically keeps them fresh for longer. Scientifically, the glass funnel is inserted to keep the sand moist and hence the vegetable fresher.
    Unlike the common practice of storing eggs in the fridge, she says the many tiny holes on the eggs surface absorb the smells from the food around it, so storing them outside will retain the tastiness of the food.
    The big glass funnel is used to test the fresh and good eggs from the bad ones. The fresh ones will sink to the bottom and remain horizontal. Now that is some green education!

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