• Xeritown – A new Eco-Town announced in Dubai

  • xeritown5.jpg
    Every six months or so a new city is announced in the city of Dubai, so in keeping with the times this time its another Eco city that is planned in the already popular list of new eco cities springing up. The Xeritown is planned for Dubailand. The 60-acre city is designed in a way that it will accommodate the elements of the desert rather than overcome them. The city follows a north-south axis to take advantage of the cool breeze coming in from the sea. The buildings, rather than artificial and water intense landscaping, provide shading and structure. Flat circles will hang over street walkways and photovoltaics will be placed on the circles to collect solar energy. A major aim of the project will also be to conserve ecological resources such as water, soil, flora, and fauna.

    The city will only have two lanes for vehicles, so mass transportation will be the major mode of movement for inhabitants. Designed by X-Architects, the project will be starting soon knowing Dubai’s extreme speed in construction we expect more such eco towns to be announced soon.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on July 18, 2008