• The Gyre – Wind solar and wave powered skyscraper in the middle of the ocean

  • The_Gyre_skyscraper.jpg
    No, this is not a reflection of a skyscraper. This building that you see is the Gyre, an inverted underwater skyscraper. This sea bed scraper is 400 meters deep (around 1,312 feet). Four arms 1.25km in diameter extend from the center spire and act as buoys and also function as inner harbors and ports that can play host to huge ships. Starting off at 30,000 sq meters of space with each floor getting smaller down to 600 sq meters, the total floor area of the entire structure is 212,000sq meters. Designed by a Victoria BC based firm, the structure will be a recreation center boasting hotels, restaurants, gardens and shops. It will use alternative energy sources like the sun, wind and the ocean itself. Turbines will be mounted on the radial arms and semi transparent solar windows will be used to glaze the structure. Underwater generators will harvest energy from water currents.

    It’s only a matter of time till we can actually live in the middle of the ocean, without harming our environment.

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