• The environment loving 007 star, Pierce Brosnan builds super-green home

  • Pierce.jpgBond boy, Pierce Brosnan has pooled in his bucks for a green crib. Remembered best for his role playing the super spy James Bond, Brosnan has invested $9 million in building a mansion, to be powered by energy from the sun and featuring a host of other green eco-friendly qualities. The mansion, located on the Malibu beachfront, is equipped with an outdoor pool and guest cabana as well as a heating system, all powered up with juice from the sun. The extra surplus energy will be sent back to the grid. That’s not all. Water recycling will also lend a helping hand into wiping out this homes carbon footprint, with a purpose-built plant to be used. A custom built solar powered $400,000 waste-disposal system will keep the waste in check.

    The home also uses non-glare, insulated glass windows, helping out with climate control. Intelligent lighting systems darken rooms if left unoccupied for more than 5 minutes, saving energy. But then again, all this comes for a price, and you need to be 007 to afford all this green-heartedness.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on July 20, 2010