• Sma x Eco House is equipped with photovoltaic cell modules and lithium ion batteries

  • 1.jpgWell, the Japanese sure take their green energy seriously, so much, that homes will now be offered pre-fitted with lithium ion batteries out there. The Daiwa House Industry Co Ltd will soon start putting up homes with lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries and photovoltaic (PV) cell modules on the market starting spring 2011. Nothing gets better than powering up a home with solar power, with PV cells soaking in the sun during the daytime and storing the energy in the lithium ion batteries. These modules can be a pinch, especially after buying a new home. So, buying the entire package together could reduce the costs to some extent too. And then again, a solar powered home leaves no carbon footprints when it comes to powering up.

    Called the “Sma x Eco House”, these homes might just use HEMS (home energy management system) too, that will keep a tab on energy usage of electric appliances and LED lighting equipment. To be approximately sold for around ¥54 million (approx US$606,061), a home like this will sure have you receiving shorter electricity bills in future.

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