• Sanyo Homes – Futuristic Homes with Solar Power and Lithium-ion Batteries Backup

  • sanyo_green_home_japan.jpg
    Sanyo Homes, a subsidiary of Sanyo the well known electronics brand has ventured into building eco-friendly futuristic homes in Japan. They are marketing solar powered homes with lithium-ion battery back-up for night time use. These green homes come with a higher price tag but Japan government will offer huge subsidies. Also owners of these homes will have to invest once for green clean energy and can save a lot on monthly energy bills which will be nil. Moreover carbon emission, conventional energy consumption will not weigh on the conscience.

    Sanyo has already made a name as a ‘greenest’ of brands and if they do market these all-electric homes well then it will usher in a new era of complete eco friendly green homes. According to Sanyo Homes design each house will have all LED fixtures running on 3.78kw solar power along with 1.57kw of Sanyo lithium ion batteries for days of less sunlight and nights.
    Interesting isn’t it? Future does seem green and not grim but it’ll come for a bigger price tag. We have to pay for the ecological damages in some way.
    Via Crunch Gear