• Portable Igloo Satellite Cabins for eco-tourism

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    Eskimos have a difficult life living in the igloos and dealing with the extreme weather. An sure they wuill happily trade their ice igloos for the Igloo Satellite Cabin. Manufactured by an Australian company, these igloos are designed to withstand extreme weather. They suitable as exploration and research stations, but they have also opened avenues for eco-tourism due to its portability.

    These super light igloos can be easily strapped on to a boat, truck, helicopter or ice mobile to transport it o remote areas. Theses igloos can be custom made in any size and color with pre-fabricated, insulated, fiberglass. It had 8 wall panels and 4 self-supporting floor panels and the entire structure can be bolted together with 8 wire tie-down lines attached to the tents pegs. Even the windows are made of double-glazed polycarbonate panes, which are shockproof and the floor panels have an anti-skid surface. Each cabin also has a ventilator in the door and top cover.

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