• Cleveland federal building’s steel and glass double wall will reduce energy consumption

  • Cleveland-federal-building-1.jpg
    Cleveland’s aging federal building will soon have a makeover, and will shed its old skin for a new wrap-around made of metal and glass. Called the double wall, this new addition to the old building will help cut energy costs and give the stolid steel-and-glass building a fresh skyline identity too! The glass on the new façade will have the building change its color appearance according to the daylight constantly. The project costing $121 million was brought out at a Cleveland news conference and was designed by Interactive Design Eight Architect and funded by the federal stimulus group. The double wall filters help filter out harsh sunlight to create an insulating layer of air helping moderate climatic extremes and at the same time pull down energy costs.

    Work on the Cleveland building will begin this summer and complete in 2014, reducing energy costs by 17%. This isn’t the first building of its kind undergoing such a transformation, and we’d sure like to see more of these around!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on February 1, 2011