• British Film Institute’s film warehouse uses eco-friendly air-conditioning

  • Energy-Efficient-Warehouse-1.jpg
    We all know just how combustible film can get. And when it comes to storing reels and reels of film, particularly with one of the largest and most significant moving image collections in the world, fire-proofing ain’t a breeze. Well, the British Film Institute seems to have done a pretty sweet job with it though, with Edward Cullinan Architects designing the BFI Acetate & Nitrate Film Store building, complete with all the energy efficiency you’d require from a building of this type. Covering an area of 3000 sq, the warehouse plays home to 460,000 canisters of film at -5°C and 35% relative humidity, and to keep it all from going up in flames, the designers included 4 industrial chillers, 4 dehumidification plants and 12 air handling units as well as heat recovery and a tight, heavily insulated and very air-tight envelope.

    And after all the energy-efficient air-conditioning being used for this one, the designers managed to keep the electricity bills to a bare minimum!

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