• Times Square numerals to be lit by LED lights will be made available to you and me too

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    We had already reported that Times Square is going to be bringing in 2010 with a green bang. But what’s even better is that every year, for the past 10 years Royal Philips Electronics has been the source of lighting up the New Year numerals. While over the years the progress has been made from halogen to incandescent to the recent LUXEON LED for 2007 and 2008, the year 2010 will be brought in with the new white-light LED retrofit bulbs that will also be made available to the consumers, yes you and me.

    The consumer version of the LED lighting that will be used for the Times Square Ball and its numerals is called the Philips Ambient ED PAR 30 Longneck, which seems perfect for home use. The bulbs consume about 11 watts of energy. For its consumer line, Philips has also launched a series of other lightings such as floodlight, spotlight and candle bulb.