• The GSR-110B is a portable retractable solar panel by OS

  • GSR-110B-portable-retractable-solar-panel-1.jpg
    Solar panels have always been known to occupy a load of space. This makes solar energy use somewhat painful, especially when faced with space crunches. Well, technology sure has overcome that too recently, and solar panels have gone compact and space-saving! Japanese company OS recently pulled the veil of its baby, the GSR-110B retractable projector screen-like solar panel. Using flexible solar cells developed by Fuji Electric Systems, this cleverly put together solar panel deploys in as less as 5 seconds, just the amount of time you’d require to retract it from its rolled-up casing. Weighing in at 3kgs, this portable solar panel can generate up to 40W off power in good sunshine.

    It also features an in-built lithium-ion battery that you can charge up back home before taking the unit outdoors. Also, two units can be connected together for a good 80W of energy! Costing $730, this sure is an innovative way to power up with the sunshine!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on March 15, 2011