• Steel solar photovoltaic panels will turn UK buildings into power stations

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    Imagine living in a power station. It won’t be such a repulsive thought if the power station is as cozy as your apartment right? Keeping that in mind UK is all set to convert its buildings into power stations that have the capacity to satisfy more than one third of the country’s need for renewable energy by 2020. This will not only provide 50times more energy than a wind farm but also ensure consistency, plus this technology suits the Brit-climate.
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    Tata Steel through its subsidiary Corus Colors in collaboration with the Swansea University, Pilkington Glass and others are working with photovoltaic specialists Dyesol, to create sheet steel that can be added as roofs to warehouses, offices and other buildings that features a sensitive coating of solar cells on the steel surface. For this project, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has announced a £9.5m ($15.25) grant for the project.

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