• Power House Green kit for children

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    To inspire people to get used to a good habit, the best way is to instill them the habit at a very early age. This is how something as intelligent as a Power House Green Essentials Edition comes to use. This is an educational and fun kit for children above the age of 12 where you can build your own lab and learn all about alternative energy and sustainable living by conducting experiments and building energy-related models. By building a model house and nine other energy-related devices, you can learn about energy from the sun, wind, plants and electrochemical reactions while also learning how to transform, store and use all these different energy forms.

    It’s like a game. You can read the diary entries of a group of young explorers who are learning to live a sustainable existence on an island. To survive, they must implement real-world versions of the projects you are doing in the kit. The topics included in this kit include harnessing the sun’s energy to heat your home and water, cooking with the sun, evaporating, desalinating sea water, and drying food, using evaporation for cooling and how wings and windmills transform energy from wind , the building projects include a greenhouse, a solar oven, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a wind generator, a lemon battery and more. The kit comes with a 64 page manual, 30 experiment and 10 building projects. Rate for this kit is $90.