• Molten salt solar power plant approved for California

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    Solar energy generation has its fair share of problems, the main one being, no energy can be produced while the sun decides to act shy and hide away or during the night. We all know that well enough by now and have come up with work-arounds like batteries and such. Using molten salt to store the heat is one of the best ways to trap and store solar energy captured during the day for later use. All this while, the technology was busy being developed and is finally ready, all set to show up in California, where the first molten salt solar power plant has just been approved. Similar to concentrating towers, hundreds of mirrored heliostats reflect light and will concentrate the sun’s rays on the tower. Molten salt is then pumped into a reserve tank and maintains close to all of its original heat and when needed, the heat can be pumped through a steam generator that sends electricity to the grid.

    So, the night time won’t be a dead-zone when it comes to solar energy usage anymore. Molten salt solar power plants are here to save the day!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on December 20, 2010