• Glass pyramids help magnify sunlight and increase the efficiency of solar energy

  • Glass-pyramids-1.jpg
    Maybe the ancient Egyptians haven’t thought of solar energy capturing pyramids, but the guys at The Center for Architecture Science and Ecology (CASE) sure did! They came up with this awesome pyramid shaped innovation that helps magnify oncoming sunlight and focuses it on photovoltaic cells that generate electricity using this energy from the sun. This cool looking energy efficient and cost effective innovation is made up of rows of pyramid shaped glass receptors that also follow the sunlight right through the day. They can be fitted onto buildings or outside your window too. This innovation uses concentrating solar cells strung on wires and tracking mechanisms that help turn the receptors towards the sunlight.

    Besides this, the glass pyramids can also use thermal energy trapped inside them for heating and cooling systems. Looks like the age of pyramids is here again!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on February 3, 2010