• Gasoline and diesel mixed for better efficiency in cars

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    It’s no news about how much the cost of gasoline has been pushing our lives deeper into budget issues. And it’s adding fuel to fire when there is a hitch in the efficiency and also when we are so aware that the world we live in is so polluted. A team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison developed an alternative to help in lessening emissions and getting up to 20 per cent greater fuel efficiency. It is a fuel injection system called the Fast Response Fuel Blending where they developed an engine that blends gasoline and diesel fuel for better outputs. It’s said that normally these two fuels wouldn’t combust when mixed in a diesel engine and so they said they have to control the amount and timing of the diesel spray helping in combustion.

    The team presented this to a Department of Energy conference and is also meeting the EPA 2010 fuel efficiency standards with this blend. The team also feels that this could reduce auto-related oil consumption by 33 percent… wonder what the Middle Eastern oil lords would have to say for this.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on August 10, 2009