• Europe to be powered 100% by renewable energy sources by 2050

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    In the next few decades, by the year 2050, you probably won’t see fossil fuel plants and nuclear energy plants in Europe anymore that currently satisfy 55% and 30% of electricity needs respectively. What you probably will come across though are vast solar plants in Southern Europe and Africa’s arid desserts, hydro energy plants of Scandinavia and the European Alps, onshore and offshore wind farms in the Baltic and North Sea and biomass generation across Europe.

    This overhauling of the European grid, a plan referred to as the SuperSmartGrid, will have Europe completely powered by renewable energy sources in the next few decades. If all works out as planned, the continent of Europe will go a shade greener and will be a truly eco-friendly place to live in.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on April 15, 2010