• Australia’s Kogan Creek Power Station is the world’s largest coal and solar power project

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    Australia will soon play home to the world’s largest coal and solar power project, with the Prime Minister Julia Gillard fiving the nod ahead for an addition of solar energy to Queensland’s largest solar power plant. Located in South West Queensland, the 750 megawatt coal-fired Kogan Creek Power Station will have an added touch of green, in the form of solar panels. A 44 MW solar thermal system will be hooked up to the grid at this plant, soaking in the sun to generate power. Using solar power technology from French firm AREVA Solar to convert the sun’s energy into super-heated steam which will drive the plant’s turbines, the project called the Kogan Creek Solar Boost costs $4.5 million and will reduce carbon emissions by good 2% to 5%, a considerable amount indeed.

    The addition will help keep away 35,600 tons of greenhouse gases on an annual level, while helping the power station meet with rising demand in a green way.

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