• America’s first wave farm off the Oregon coast will help generate electricity

  • America's-first-wave-farm.jpg
    America will get its first wave park soon. And this isn’t some water park, if that’s what you’re thinking. A wave park is a group of energy harvesting devices that use the energy of waves. Off the coast of Reedsport, Oregon, Ocean Power Technologies is building the wave park that will compromise around 10 PowerBuoys that will each generate 150 kilowatts. This will help power up around 375 homes. These PowerBuoys stand 150 feet tall and are mostly submerged below the ocean. The buoy moves up and down with the motion of the wave and drives a piston in a similar motion generating electricity. Waves ranging from 5 feet to around 23 feet high can be used to generate power. Underground cables connect this wind farm to the grid.

    Who said waves are good for just surfing! They can be used to power up your home too!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on February 25, 2010